A halal or Islamic hotel is by definition an adequate certified sharia compliant accommodation place respecting the principles of the Islamic religion and which offers to the Muslim community Muslim friendly halal hotel services whether during a vacation or as part of a trip to business.

A halal hotel consists of the base of Halal tourism which at the request of the Muslim community today occupies an increasingly important place in the tourist industry, it is also the most used place by Muslim vacationers.

For an Islamic hotel called also Halal hotel, the sharia compliant certification is essential and any criteria is precise and now Muslim tourist organizations have started to impose rules for obtaining the 'Muslim Friendly Hotel' label.

A halal hotel in order to become certified as Islamic hotel must do more than offer Islamic menus tailored to Muslim clients, as it must meet all of the following conditions as well:

  • Halal catering services: must offer exclusively Halal meals whether in dining rooms, room service or mini-bar.
  • The kitchen must be Halal certified based on Halal suppliers, Halal transport and storage.
  • Indication by the hotel of Halal restaurants outside.
  • Prayer services: indication by the hotel of neighboring mosques.
  • Indication of prayer times.
  • Provision of a prayer room.
  • Existence of a sign of orientation towards Mecca (Qibla) in the room in addition to the Holy Quran and a prayer rug.
  • Beds and toilets positioned so as not to face the direction of Mecca.
  • Bedrooms with bidets in the bathrooms.
  • Ramadan services: specific catering hours adapted to Shur and Iftar times, including buffets.
  • Organization of transport to the nearest Mosque for prayers.
  • Other services: separation of men and women in the swimming pools and Spa with the exception of family beaches.
  • Exclusively Halal TV programs.
  • Distance guaranteed from non-halal places such as nightclubs and casinos.
  • The hotel offers cultural excursions dedicated to the history of Islam.

Muslim hotels that meet these conditions are found today mainly in Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Croatia, Morocco, Arab Emirates, Jordan, Maldives, India, Mexico, Mauritius, Seychelles and even in China.