A Halal Cruise is defined by a boat trip and stay that is exclusively intended for Muslim vacationers who wish to spend halal leisure time while crossing seas and oceans and being sharia compliant.

A Halal cruise does not only offer the possibility of traveling on ships offering halal food but the cruises are alcohol-free, with prayer rooms, but also separate swimming pools for men and women.

An Islamic cruise is also combined with cultural and religious discovery trips by taking Muslim cruise passengers to coastal sites important in the history of Islam and excursions which are educational rather than just touristic tours.

A halal boat cruise is different from a conventional cruise so far as it is a cruise that allows Muslim vacationers to cross the ocean or the seas on a ship that offers vacation services that adapts to Islam, such Halal cruises are offered by many travel agencies specializing in Islamic cruises.

A halal cruise can also take place from a port that is not in the country of the Muslim traveler, it is for this reason that he will have to reach the starting point of the halal cruise by plane that he can take with a Muslim friendly airline.